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Boatanchors, last updated 2018-11-13
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This is the boatanchors page, old gear that I buy and fix up.  Some of it is for curiosity value like the KW2000, others like the FL-2100Z are very useful to have around the shack.

KW Electronics KW2000.  A very early model, this is the non-suffix version before the 'A', 'B', and 'E' came out and has a single 6146.  Output on SSB is around 50W.  The mechanical filter is on its way out, and the unit is currently undergoing repairs.
Regentone 353/2.  Bought on eBay for a fiver, a non-working radio with potential as a nice MW set for the shack.
Yaesu FL-2100Z.  Bought untested, the price was right.  A major blow-up within an hours use revealed grid stoppers that were well past their sell by date.  Both have been replaced and the unit is now in service delivering good results.
Yaesu FT-101E.  One of the last FT101s before they went digital, this is a nice example and has been looked after. It required some minor repairs when I bought it, and has had quite a number of the ceramic trimmers replaced.
Yaesu YO-100.  The 70's Yaesu monitor scope, designed to team up with the FT-101.  I bought this at a rally although there was a minor fault on it which has now been fixed.

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